Teachers' Resources

With its motivational puzzles, Super Secret messages from Sophie, theme-based vocabulary units, online audio support and progress tests, Where's the Word? is the perfect companion for any English course. You can use it for:

Theme-based classroom activities

Use Where's the Word? to create fun and motivating lessons on realistic and interesting topics. Download these free sample worksheets, to get some ideas:

101 Writing Lessons

If you like the sample worksheets, then you'll love the companion teachers' pack, 101 Writing Lessons (coming soon).

Getting started with word search

Are you new to word search? It's easy, fun and motivating. Click here to find out how it's done.

Finding the Super Secret message from Sophie

Each of the puzzles in a Where's the Word? book is accompanied by a cartoon of Sophie and her cat, Fritzy. Use the left-over letters in the word search puzzle to find out what Sophie's Super Secret message is. Kids absolutely love this unique feature: you'll be amazed at how hard they work to find out what Sophie is saying!