About the Author

Janice Getzlaf has been teaching English to local students in Hong Kong for over 24 years. She has co-written various textbooks for use in Hong Kong, including: Use of English: Writing, The Superset Series, Forms 4 & 5, and Complete Practice, Forms 4 & 5 (all published by Witman Publishing Ltd).

Ms. Getzlaf is passionate about the English language and English public speaking. She served on the Hong Kong Music and Speech Festival Association English Subcommittee for a period of five years, and, since 1993, has coached hundreds of students to success in the Hong Kong English Speech Festival.

In her experience of helping students improve their English, Ms Getzlaf has seen close up how frustrating the experience of learning a second language can be. There are ample books on the market. Most, however, drill and grill and bore students, leaving once-eager language learners disinterested in English.

Ms Getzlaf noticed early on that her students love puzzles, especially the word search puzzles she brought back to Hong Kong from overseas. She also realized that if there was a leftover word, the students were even more motivated. Soon, she began making her own word search puzzles, with a cartoon character named Sophie chatting to her ever-loving companion, Fritzy the cat.

Ms Getzlaf hopes that students will be more motivated in learning English with her Where's the Word? series of books. She believes that students will surely have more fun learning new words and authentic English phrases if they experience them in the context of the day-to-day life of a little girl and her cat.